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Why Should You Consider a Fireplace Screen?


The purpose of a fire screen is to keep sparks and ash from blowing out of the hearth in case of a falling log or draft. A fireplace screen is a safety mechanism, and also protects you and your family, pets, and furniture. Fireplace screens can be found in plenty of colors and styles. A decorative fire screen is not only functional but beautiful and can complement the architecture and design of your home. A fireplace screen has a purpose while a fire is burning, but other than that can be a beautiful addition to the room.

One alternative to a screen, perhaps if you don’t use your fireplace, are fireplace doors. They can also be a lovely piece of decor beneath your mantel, but instead of protecting the room against the potential dangers of a fire, the doors shut off the air from your chimney, which helps to regulate the temperature of the room during the summer or winter. If you don’t use your fire place, these are a good functional option for you that can still offer a beautiful addition to your home.

decorative fire screen

Using a fireplace screen or fireplace doors are entirely optional, but it is recommended to use a screen for safety reasons. There are even gas fireplace safety standards in place to protect against accidental burns from hot glass. Fireplace screens can be free standing or they can be installed into a hearth as a permanent fixture. If you are considering installing a permanent fireplace screen or fireplace doors, be sure to call a professional. Doing something as labor intensive as altering a major centerpiece in your home comes with its own risks, and you don’t want to accidentally damage your fireplace and end up paying extra in the long run.