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Understanding Term Contemporary In Broad Brushstrokes


Can one look at the dictionary definition just this once for a change? If you do not have a handy dictionary to hand, let us just say, you can always tap into the online version on your smart mobile and see if you concur. The dictionary definition of contemporary makes reference to a variety of meanings. While online, you can also view the completed work on display in the contemporary artist kentfield ca studio.

contemporary artist kentfield ca

Perhaps the most obvious definition for modern art is that obvious. Contemporary art is popular art. It means that there could be wide appeal for one specific medium or one artist’s special brand of work. Contemporary art could also make reference to art of a specific period. This is where the dictionary definition could be turning its meaning on its head. On the one hand you have artwork that is in, very much in sync with today’s times and fashions.

If not that then certainly in response to what appeals to most people today. And on the other hand, when talking about period art, you could be having a conversation about a bygone era. Art fundamentalists might wish to make reference to classical periods in which case classical art foots the bill. But many millennials of today may wish to use the term liberally. It goes without saying that when they say they are viewing a classic work of art; they are thinking in terms of just how attractive it is to them.

Strictly speaking though, when making reference to contemporary art work or design, you will be thinking in terms of what sells as popular work today. Thus sayeth the dictionary. A contemporary artist is much loved. While he is adored, his art is held in high esteem.